By Sriram Srinivasan

ISBN-10: 1565922204

ISBN-13: 9781565922204

Even if your wisdom of Perl is informal or deep, this ebook will make you a extra finished programmer. It covers advanced strategies for coping with production-ready Perl courses and explains equipment for manipulating facts and items that could have appeared like magic ahead of. moreover, it units Perl within the context of a bigger atmosphere, giving you the historical past you would like for facing networks, databases, and GUIs. it is usually a dialogue of internals that can assist you software extra successfully and embed Perl inside of C or C inside Perl. significant subject matters contain the sensible use of programs and periods (object-oriented programming), advanced facts constructions, endurance (e.g., utilizing a database), networking, graphical interfaces utilizing the Tk toolkit, interplay with c programming language services, embedding and lengthening the Perl interpreter, and chosen internals.

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So in a matrix with 10 rows and 5 columns, the element (8, 4) will have the number 38 (7 * 5 + 3) and hence can be referred to as $r_mat->{38}. We actually use this scheme in Chapter 15, GUI Example: Tetris (though that usage is more for convenience than for saving space). The choice of data structure depends on the size of the matrices, performance, and coding convenience. Changing the data structure of a program clearly ends up changing all code that depends on it. To contain the amount of changes required (should the structure change), it is always a good idea to have only a small set of procedures that know the structure.

On the other hand, reference counting is simple to understand and implement and makes it easy to integrate Perl with C or C++ code. 8, "Resources" section at the end of the chapter for a comprehensive treatment of garbage collection techniques. Note that while symbolic references allow you to access variables in an indirect way, no actual reference variables are created. In other words, the reference count of a symbolically accessed variable is not modified. Hence symbolic references are also called soft references, in contrast to hard references, which actually allocate storage to keep track of the indirection.

1 Hash of Hashes Representation If the matrix is large and sparse (only a few elements have nonzero values), a hash of hashes is likely a more space-efficient representation. For example, the matrix can be built like this: $matrix{0}{2} = 100; $matrix{1}{0} = 200; $matrix{2}{1} = 300; The code above creates a hash table, %matrix, which maps a row number to a nested hash. Only rows with nonzero elements are represented. Each nested hash maps a column number to the actual value of the element at that row and column.

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